#rubyonrails - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 00:41 and 00:56

dmc68so if you see something in their that jumps out at you i would love your feedback
replikantim newbie myself.. i had that error several times and it was basically syntax
jamesb43Is it complaining about the password method?
dmc68undefined method `password' for #<User:0x46e6870>
that is the full error i get, it says around line 9
I have retyped line 9 about 50 million times lol
jamesb43Your model shows password= is defined. Does it also have a password method?
dmc68hmmm not sure what a method is lol
but if i take out the equal sign in the user model then i get a new error for that line
the new error is wrong number of arguments
jamesb43add another method named password (w/o) the equal sign
so you should have password, and password= methods
replikantis that from the rapid book?:)
jamesb43rapid book?
dmc68no, it is from http://www.aidanf.net/rails_user_authentication_tutorial
replikantthe (/rapid/) book about rails
jamesb43I guess I missed that book.
dmc68so i would have two password objects?
and one of them with a method?
replikantlemme try the title... rapid web development with ruby on rails by ... heinemeier hansson is one of the names:)
jamesb43both will be methods
The books is actually called Agile Web ...
DannoHungAren't rapid and agile the same thing?
maybe i have an old version...
agile yea agile..
jamesb43I have both editions in front of me. Both say agile
DannoHungI was making a joke about software development methodologies
replikantconfusing agile and rapid... darn im a newb
jamesb43dmc. you want two methods, so def password=(val) # method body. the def password # leave body empty
dmc68DOOD, it worked lol
james u rock
jamesb43yeah, it calls password on the way in,and password= when you submit.
glad to be of help
replikantargh that logic is painful
dmc68you accept a private chat james?
replikanton rails terms, not on anyone present
dmc68well thank you a ton james. I will be back in a bit with more questions

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