#rubyonrails - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 07:45 and 07:04

dagbrownHaha, cellphone browsers, you can pretty well depend on them not supporting Javascript.
Bongo`haha, I would love to see an alertbox on a 1" window :D
zorglu_dagbrown: what is the typical screen resolution you 'assume' ?
dagbrownzorglu_: You can't assume a typical screen resolution.
Bongo`USe opera, there's an option for that zorglu_
"Small screen"
dagbrownYou basically have to treat cell phones as if they're NCSA Mosaic.
zorglu_dagbrown: what if you display image ?
Bongo`: what does this do
dagbrownzorglu_: If an image is too big, the phone can't even download it.
zorglu_Bongo`: make opera acts as a cellphone ?
dagbrown: ok but you do provide any image on your site ?
Bongo`oh, sorry. No, it will just show you how your page ooks like in a small window
dagbrownzorglu_: What, in the cell phone view? Only tiny ones.
zorglu_Bongo`: ok
dagbrown: ok what are their resolutions ?
dagbrownBongo`: Specifically, it shows you what the page will look like if your cell phone user is lucky enough to be using Opera on his phone.
zorglu_: Small and unpredictable.
Bongo`dagbrown: ah, ok
zorglu_dagbrown: damn gimme info :)
dagbrownzorglu_: Why do you care?
I mean, why do you care so MUCH?
zorglu_dagbrown: i want to know which resolution is assumed on a cellphone
Bongo`zorglu_: http://news.deviantart.com/article/12488/
Google is your friend :)
dagbrownzorglu_: Anything from 96x128 at 1 bit, to 640x480 at 12 bits.
zorglu_ok lookin
eliphas_april's fool ahahaha
zorglu_dagbrown: thanks:)
dagbrownMy phone has a 200x320 display
I need a new phone... :\
dagbrownAnd a 128x128 display on the back :P
zorglu_i guess my 128x96 icon are no good on cellphone :)
Bongo`Isn't there even antivirus software for cellphones today
dagbrownThere's antivirus software for *MacOS X*
JensBHi everybody
can someone send me a small plugin, that will only print hello world? :-\

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