#rubyonrails - Thu 8 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:13

jeremydurhamCademiaX: at the very least, you could just use the action
Zycon: sure, use mongrel :)
hydoZycon: or lighthttpd
actionhydo loves lighthttpd
hydoloves lighthttpd
Zyconyep, I would like too, but I don't have that option
hydoZycon: apache + fastcgi = path to glory... or dispair, depending on your luck.
jeremydurhamyou'll probably want to google.. there's lots of things that can go wrong :)
hydo*or* configure apache with mod_proxy and run mongrel and apache.
Zyconhydo: so thats the only way you can get both to run?
hydoYea, lots of things can go wrong... which is why I dumped apache and tried lighthttpd. I squealed like a 9 year old girl when it worked... and was fast fast fast.
Zycon: I don't know about *only* way, but using apache to proxy requests to mongrel works... I can't comment on how many reqs per sec it can handle, but it worked for me.
For a few hours.... and then it would just stop, cross it's arms, and refuse to move.
jeremydurhamah, there's a good faq about what that issue probably is on the mongrel site :)
hydoYea, good luck with that. :) I tried a bunch of stuff from desperate google searches. different versions of apache, etc. Hopefully you have better luck.
anonuserany reason why multiple observe_field's wouldn't be working ?
linojno one uses mod_ruby ?
jeremydurhamwe run it in production ;)
jeremydurhammod_ruby isn't an option except for one app, or at least it wasn't recently
ZyconBeen having problems with getting apache to work for ages
jeremydurhambecause all objects are stored in the same memory, you'll get collisions if you have two account classes
hatezillayou guys should all check out http://groups.google.com/group/rubyonrails-deployment
Skizixnay on the duplixay
hatezillathe ones having problems deploying on apache...
Skizuplixday ateinkay
OpenStandardswhat would cause a routing error? I
joedjdoes anyone happen to know where i could find an apache2.2 RPM for RHEL3?
joedj: rpmsearch ?
theres defiantely going to be some dependencies issues there
OpenStandardsi've ran generate controller then the name and everytime i go to localhost:3000/name its throwing "no route found to match"
SkizOpenStandards: your desc of the issue doesnt help much there...
what is 'name', did you create an index method or view?
joedjrpmsearch/rpmfind/google are not helpful
nayteHey joedj: rpm.pbone.net
joedjnayte, that's what i meant by 'rpmsearch'
OpenStandardsSkiz, def index... etc in name's controller
naytejoedj: Ahhh... ok
SkizOpenStandards: def index ;; render :text => 'Hello World' ;; end
localhost:3000/name should hit that index of name

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