#rubyonrails - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 01:43 and 01:49

kinda like the one where u had to walk to school up hill in the snow for 5 miles each way?
tpope, fair enough.. that's what i was wondering.. if it was only really good for smaller projects.
tpopeI have no idea
but I bit it can be taken pretty far
psticknejust make sure you have backups of whatever you use.
pstickneand AR makes things relatively transparent so...
mikepencewhats up, tpope
tpopesup homie
mikepenceI am now officially addicted to vim
Rikklesso does anyone know how to access a controller's class variable from a view?
mikepenceand your most excellent work with rails and vim
asdxi wish that reading a lot of ruby books and actually understand them, will be good for understanding agile web development :p
mikepenceI had a brief daliance with KDevelop
but it was not to last
now I just have to stop using VIM badly ;)
tpopelearn a new feature every day
mikepencethat is what I am trying to do
jeremydurhamI'm downloading NetBeans right now (oh, the shame)
mikepencestart each day with a new thing
asdxtpope: that was for me?
mikepenceasdx, there is much to agile development
learn about rspec
tpopeactually it was for mikepence
mikepenceand bdd
jeremydurhamRikkles: assign it to an instance variable and then it's no problem-o
Rikkles: :)
tpopefor you asdx, one feature per day is a bare minimum
Rikklesany special rails-based vimrc?
tpopeget rails.vim
Rikklesjeremydurham: that's what I ended up doing :(
asdxtpope: yeah
Rikklescool thx
carterparkstpope: i hear the guy who works on that is pretty cool
asdxtpope: i finally understand methods, and i know how to asign methods to a class/objects :p
tpopeyeah he is

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