#rubyonrails - Mon 5 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

_thom_so the _BASE_ class is ActiveRecord or what? (that containc formbuilder)
dagbrowntpope: Text editor! Windows-only though
tpopeokay that doesn't sound like something you'd even want to use
unlike enlightenment or ecstacy
dasil003So does Rails 1.2.2 require rubygems 0.9.2 (vs 0.8.10)? I've got shared hosts telling me to freeze gems, but I have a feeling without an updated rubygems it won't work due to the require_gem/gem change.
|PiP|ReinH: well my referral works. but my secondary_referral does not
(if that makes any diff)
ReinHfarski: do you have rails recipes by any chance?
|PiP|: just use a join table
tpopedasil003: it's just a line in boot.rb, right? you can fix it manually if you hae to
farskiyeah I do, but not with me
|PiP|ReinH: what should i name it?
ReinH|PiP|: Referral ?
|PiP|(if it is for the same model)
dasil003tpope: well on Site5 I have spent hours futzing with all sorts of things and I'm unable to get an error to show up anywhere... however it works with 1.1.6
ReinHUser has_many :referrals; User has_many :referred_users, :through => :referrals for example
dasil003It's almost to the point where I'm going to tell all my clients hosting is $25/month and just put them on railsmachine.
ReinHfarski: basically you call it, say, friends_users for a friends join table and then use the options in habtm to tell rails the name of the join model and the name of the foreign key, etc
warren_ahh, recognize_path isn't a hard hack at all...
just in case anybody cared :-)
ReinHwarren_: still.... EW.
dasil003: lol, good idea
alteregodasil003, I charge a little less.
I actually think I should charge more though ^_^
farskiReinH: sent you a PM, that look about right?
alteregoI will probably be thinking about my prices a lot more over the next few weeks.
dasil003tpope: there are a few more require_gem lines than that actually...
alterego: where do you host rails clients?
tpopedasil003: :(
alteregodasil003, I host all my clients on the same machine.
dasil003tpope: just for the individual gems obviously...
alterego: dedicated, vps, colocation?
alteregodasil003, VPS
dasil003alterego: who from?
I've got a servint vps
tpopedasil003: edit config/boot.rb; module Kernel; def gem(*args); require_gem(*args); end
it's ugly but it will wokr
ReinHfarski: something like that, yes :)
farski: haven't done self-referential habtm in a while though

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