#rubyonrails - Sat 31 Mar 2007 between 07:53 and 08:00

TheOutlanderagile web devl on rails says that fastcgi is bad
of course i am trying to
it loads the ruby interpretor and rails framework for each request
pstickneno it doesn't.
AnakinKainlol i must have had been lying to myself.
psticknethat's normal CGI.
AnakinKainI got rid of the error though.
TheOutlanderit says to use proxying on http is a better option ... ?
ypSamiReinH: rails abstract models < use that as a google term, and check out the 2nd result.
BigFischTheOutlander: It's bad because it's slow. Use a proxy cluster to use apache to serve static pages and then forward ruby to mongrel
psticknefastcgi and friends sets up an IPC server (apache module, etc)/client setup (loop around RoR code)
TheOutlanderBigFisch: interesting ... is that a scalable solution ... im using lighttpd
ReinHypSami: ok, sec
BigFischTheOutlander: It's the MOST scalable solution (using proxies)
lisaapache-2.2.x + mod_proxy_balancer + lots of mongrels = win
BigFischTheOutlander: Especially w/ Mongrel (start with two clusters, and keep adding more clusters if you need it: need more memory though for each one)
TheOutlanderBigFisch: i c.... why mongrel ? ...I thought all i needed was lighttpd
lisaTheOutlander: how do you plan to run rails without mongrel?
TheOutlanderBigFisch: i guess its good for dynamic content
lisado you know something we don't? ;)
TheOutlanderi guess not ... thats why i come here :P
scriptdevilare there any free subdomains offering rails support?
TheOutlanderlisa: I am using fastcgi to process rails requests
BigFischTheOutlander: LightHttpd is a replacement for Apache, it's best at serving static files. The only way to serve RoR pages through lighthttpd is through a proxy or mod_roby/fcgi
Just like apache
lisafastcgi is icky
TheOutlanderbigFisch: right .. I am using fastcgi .... i heard mod_ruby is deprecated too .... so is that where mongrel is a better option?
yes I am having so many issues constantly ... crash log is HUGE
BigFischTheOutlander: Yes, use mongrel.
BigFischTheOutlander: Read this => http://blog.codahale.com/2006/06/19/time-for-a-grown-up-server-rails-mongrel-apache-capistrano-and-you/
TheOutlander: It's probably out dated by now, or maybe not. But it's how I got started.
ben_hhi folks
TheOutlanderi thought mongrel was not scalable ... .
i c
ben_hhas anyone inspected the log output that an update_attribute generates before? it seems inefficient
Dreamer3mongrel scales just fine
BigFischAnyone who says something isn't scalable doesn't know what they are talking about (relating to serving content)
There is ALWAYS a way to scale something.

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