#rubyonrails - Sat 3 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 00:42

`tamaramac: again it says "Template is missing
Missing layout script/../config/../app/views/layouts/admin_customer.rhtml"
carllercheIs there a way to pull fields from the association model in a has_many :through relationship. Something like this: http://pastie.caboo.se/44385 ?
macarthy`tamara: no caching or anything ?
restart you www server
clear any sessions
`tamaraok, will do
mac: a-ha! that time, ../admin_customer/list returned "test"
mac: *yes* now it all works!
macarthy`tamara: bah
should have thought of that earilier
`tamaramac: thank you
macarthyoh well
no probs
`tamaramac: i will have to remember that
macarthy`tamara: if in doubt , restart and get a cup of coffee
`tamaramac: yeah, i guess so
Can anyone see this message? I'm trying to make sure I registered my name correctly
`tamarai see you, jhorra
macarthyi don't
JhorraDid you see my question earlier about the images?
JhorraAh, that's why everyone was ignoring me
I had to register my nickname
Is there a trick to using background images in my CSS file in Rails?
leethalwhy exactly is that required on this room?
macarthyno idea
that got me too
leethalJhorra: url("../images/foo.png")
That did it
So it must reorder the folders when it makes them available
I was trying to use /public/images/
Thanks for the help :)
wackimonkican anybody help?
jtoy_can you call partials from actionmailer templates?

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