#rubyonrails - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:40

miraculojust started a new project and it says: "undefined local variable or method `new_categories_path'"
created with scaffold_resource so it should work I think...
my rails install is good otherwise... at least other apps work...
can anybody suggest anything?
miraculo:) no I guess not...
nobody seen this before?
otherwise I might have to reinstall rails I guess...
werdnativis that a stock scaffold?
miraculou huh. just started a new project and it did the same thing...
werdnativI'm thinking it should be new_category_path
use a singular name when you generate your resource.
miraculoahh right...
yeah, that was it...
although this worked: <%= link_to 'Show', categories_path(categories) %>
anyway the singular worked for that method anyway
werdnativcategories = list of many categories... category_path(1) = link to a single category... new_category_path = you're making one new one.
miraculook regenerated that other link becomes: <%= link_to 'Show', category_path(category) %>
and it still works...
Milardovichhi everybody
miraculolooks like it doesn't matter for that one
Milardovichi want to migrate mi web (www.milardovich.com.ar) made on php to ruby on rails
rellikmilardovich, you should hire me.. I'll do it for you
I'm pretty expensive though
and of course I don't speak that language
which could be a problem
Grahamt1Sound like your getting cheeper.
rellikARG there has got to be a 1.2-working 12-hour time select
giant_sloarAnyone else having problems running the object_transactions plugin? I'm getting this: http://pastie.caboo.se/49307
Grahamt1Last time I got an error message like that it was a path problem...
giant_sloarYou mean in my require statement?
Grahamt1In your custom_require.rb line 27 is looking for something (a file) somewhere (transaction/simple) and it isn't there...
wackimonkii'd like to share code between a model and a controller
how can i do this?
werdnativhow do you mean share code?
wackimonkii'd like to create a function that both can access
but now thinking about that, that's bad compartilisation(?)
werdnativyeah... what does the function relate to?
werdnativprobably belongs as a class method for your model?

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