#rubyonrails - Fri 23 Mar 2007 between 01:08 and 01:33

asoapor another option, is there a way to use "check_box" and manually set some of them to be checked?
aKKiLLathis is svn question... is there a way to add all files generated by a controler?
dasil003check_box_tag 'item[value]'
Akuma_dasil003: lpmusic: i'll stick with innodb. thanks for the tips
aKKiLLaor an svn add that adds all new files
asoapdasil003: i'll try that
dasil003asoap: the second param is whether or not it is checked... so you could do check_box_tag 'item[value]', params[:item][:value] to create a persistent form.
dasil003actually you might have to play with that, because if it comes back as 0 that will evaluate to true...
asoapI think it's the third option for it being checked
check_box_tag(name, value = "1", checked = false, options = {})
but thanks, I'll keep that in mind
dasil003hmm, so it is
asoapman, I'm starting to get loopy from codin
dasil003just wait til you don't shit for a week
asoapI've been having the opposite problem really
dasil003oh you mean coding. I thought you meant codeine
mrturtledo you need to use self. before method names in a model? It works without it, but sample code I see uses it
dasil003like too many painkillers
I really do go to the bathroom while working, I swear.
I was wondering if you sat on a cork all day?
dasil003mrturtle: The rule is if a bareword appears before an = then it will create a local variable, even if a method setter exists within the class.
so if you do name = "Me" it will always create a local variable even if the attribute :name exists in the model
on any other use you don't need self
mrturtlebut it doesn't hurt to use it, right?
asoapman, I don't know what I ever did before dual monitors
dasil003no, it doesn't hurt (that I can think of)
asoapmaybe a little to much radiation
mrturtlethanks again dasil003
I recommend Ruby for Rails to learn some of those subtleties.
techfizHey, I installed ruby-gd gem using gem install command, but I still get error in irb when I type in require 'ruby-gd'
How do I fix it?
dasil003techfix: if it's just irb and not the rails console you need to manually require 'rubygems' first
techfizdasil003: I did try that but still get no such file found error
require 'ruby-gd'
LoadError: no such file to load -- ruby-gd

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