#rubyonrails - Fri 16 Mar 2007 between 01:27 and 01:50

change that check_box to a check_box_tag
name it how you want
its really easy
name, value, checked
lriversis day_of_week == i the way to go? or should I use just 1 =
for what?
lriversFor looping through to see if there's a blank checkbox that needs to be created
lriverssee above
anonuserthat makes sense
or =
lriverssomehow, that's giving me 5 X appearance.count checkboxes rather than just 5
anonuserlet me see the code.
lriversanonuser: hey, I appreciate your help, but right now I think I need to figure out how to implement to form_for stuff. You've helped me substantially, thanks!
anonuserno problem
I hope I wasn't too confusing
lriversplus, my brain hurts. I'm a marketer, not a fighter. I'm going to try some more tomorrow morning.
anonuser: the confusion is all between the chair and the keyboard on this end.
I'm way ahead of where I was. I sort of understand what I need to do. Fixing the create/new thing turned on some flickering lights, so I think I can stumble through
thanks a million, seriously
anonuserno problem.
damn you gvim compiling with gtk1 support when i already have gtk2 installed!
nichojI need to yank some data out of an xml file for my domain objects. Sticking that in my model seems a little icky. Is there a better place to do that kind of thing?
rellikhow do I use validates_confirmation_of :password with encryption? I am enctryping before save, but that makes the validation fail.. should I encrypt the confirmation param or use a callback? I'm thinking callback but don't know exactly how to make that work
countrygeeknichoj: One time, or ongoing at runtime?
nichojcountrygeek, one time for now. eventually, I think I'll be needing to grokk and uploaded file
countrygeekI usually write a load helper and run it with script/runner.
nichoj: I am *NOT* a rails expert (yet)
nichojcountrygeek, thanks! that helps a bit... didn't even know about script/runner :)
countrygeeknichoj: You'll have access to *ALL* of your models, so you can leverage that, while doing special things with the XML data.
nichoj: Run it like: script/runner -e development "ClassName.new().methodname('file.xml')", where the name of the file that contains ClassName is class_name. (Convention over configuration)
r3factoredim trying to implement a simple method interceptor similar to what i did in Spring to basically just log each method being hit. I have setup a def in ApplicationController and in one of the controllers i did a 'before_filter = :log_method' (log_method is the def name in AppController). Its not getting hit.
mcarrthis is freaking weird. i'm getting different output from <rake> , <rake test:functionals>, and <ruby some_test.rb>
r3factoreddisregard - i just found it ;)
mcarrfor instance <rake> throws one error in auth controller, but if i do <ruby auth_controller_test> it's totally fine

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