#rubyonrails - Tue 13 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

dagbrowneventualbuddha: Yup
lonnyant1matter: Rails doesn't care where the params come from.
dagbrownWell, where's my @request
eventualbuddhadagbrown: how'd you start it?
ant1matterok im sure you could - i need to look at the request object methods. im used to java somerequest.getParameter(....)
s/im/i was/
dagbrowneventualbuddha: In config/environments/development.rb I put in SCRIPT_LINES__={};require "ruby-debug";Debugger.start and then I said "debugger" in an action in the controller.
Glenn_NZSay, where in the rails directory hierarchy are the ruby helper functions stored?
Skizeventualbuddha: textmate will have full support for it by the time I'm done if I have anything to ay about it.
eventualbuddhadagbrown: ah, i've never started it that way
Skizso sweet. thanks dagbrown
lonnyGlenn_NZ: You mean built-in? Or user-defined?
carterparksGlenn_NZ: activesupport
dagbrowneventualbuddha: What do you do?
eventualbuddhaSkiz: there is a TM bundle for it floating around somewhere
Glenn_NZlonny: built in
actionant1matter bought a license to etexteditor and got so frustrated with vista and now is back on linux only.
ant1matterbought a license to etexteditor and got so frustrated with vista and now is back on linux only.
Skizeventualbuddha: for ruby-debug? whoa
is it 2004 or am I just behind the times :S
lonnyGlenn_NZ: I think carterparks gave you the answer.
eventualbuddhadagbrown: i start this in one terminal: rdebug -s script/server, then this in another one: rdebug -c
Skizbtw it was 42
eventualbuddhathen i use the TM bundle to set breakpoints
Skizeventualbuddha: if you can link me that'd be awsome
(tm bundle that is unless its included)
danfook - it's persistent in safari. in firefox and IE, i have to close the applications completely for it to be non-persistent
Glenn_NZahhhh, found it thanks
eventualbuddhadagbrown: if you're not using TM then i think the best thing to do is to start it with: rdebug script/server, then set the breakpoint manually (break /path/to/file.rb:32), then do 'c' to continue
Skiz: i always have to hunt for it, hang on
lonnyant1matter: If it is in the request, it should show up in the params hash. For example, even if a page form uses method="post", the action could still be "/my_controller/my_action/id?my_value=abcd", and params[:my_value] would equal "abcd".
dagbrownThere doesn't seem to be a Linux version of TextMate, so I'm not using it no
rdebug script/server ignores the breakpoints I've added, hrm
ant1matterlonny: thank you - makes sense
eventualbuddhadagbrown: when you start it with rdebug, the "breakpoint" thing doesn't do anything (i think, like i said i've never used it that way)
viewlogicdagbrown: what version of ruby?
captprotoneventualbuddha, I didn't find that gem, but this looks interesting: http://www.railsenvy.com/2007/2/19/acts-as-ferret-tutorial
dagbrownviewlogic: 1.8.5
viewlogicthats your problem
slapahoin rails, can you have say 50 associations defined for a model?

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