#rubyonrails - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 00:01 and 01:04

elasticdogon a related layouts/content_for note...when you guys use them, do you usually just create an layout/application.rhtml and remove the others, or just specify a common layout explicitly in the controllers?
alteregoelasticdog, I use 'layouts/application.rhtml' unless I explicitly need something different. Then it's either 'layouts/<controller>.rhtml' or specified in the controller.
elasticdogalterego: cool...thanks, I'm just trying to pick up "best practices" and whatnot :-)
alteregoelasticdog, best thing to do is just write stuff. If you want code review then you can always paste it into 'pastie.caboo.se'.
rellikafter freezing, I get an 'unitializted constant Digest::SHA1' ..what do I have ro require to get this to work?
leethal"digest/sha1" =D
bongomanI have 2 types of survey - group and individual. At present this is dealt with in one Survey class - most attributes are the same but I have different class methods for each survey type - is this somewhere I should be looking at STI?
jeremydurhambongoman, sounds like it
bongomanjeremydurham: At present I just have an enum field 'is_group' which is either 0 or 1 and all my mtehods are constantly testing for the value and it feels clunky
jeremydurhamwell, I don't know your app so it may not be right, but it sounds like makes sense
hmm. I apparently have not yet mastered the English language.
bongomanjeremydurham: I think I'll try an STI approach out
pepsiaddictwhy would an AJAX updater do a loading animation once and fail to do it again until the page is reloaded?
bjfreshdoes anyone know anything about in_place_edit being busted in 1.2? I'm getting routing errors after mapping my model as a resource...
TBSeraphanyone here use darcs?
jeremydurhamTBSeraph, used to
leethalI wish I did
jeremydurhamTBSeraph, back at version 1.0.2 or something.. I even have a few darcs repositories kickin' around
leethaldoes darcs interact with http in any way?
jeremydurhamlike can you checkout stuff over http?
jeremydurhamafair yes
TBSeraphHm... crap. didn't notice all these replies.
Well.. I'm trying to get darcs to work over ssh, and to use port 2200 for it.
the manual talks about environment variables being set, but doesn't seem to actually _watch_ those variables.
bradhaydonhow can I make a checkbox default checked?
alteregobradhaydon, selected="selected"
TBSeraphbradhaydon: How are you making your checkbox? Usually, I'm using form_for and I simply pass in my instance variable.
bradhaydon: Or what alterego said
alteregoOh yeah, that's right :)
inthetourMy Edit menu is disabled in Eclipse/RadRails when editing YML files...anyone know how to fix that?
jeremydurhamTBSeraph, can you pastie your commands and some output?
bradhaydontbseraph: checked="checked" returns a checked value, even if the value is 0. Any suggestions?
also, checked => true works as well
wycatsIs there a way to force an acts_as_list table to give its instances correct positions (say, if I add acts_as_list and the position column after I created the table and added stuff to it?)
alteregowycats, find( :all, :order => 'position' )
TBSeraphjeremydurham: Whelp, I just changed the port on my sshd, lol
wycatsalterego, no: the positions are all nil

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