#rubyonrails - Mon 26 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

leehit's like a chicken, and an egg all in one
MilesZSMy head exploded.
actionkrayola1 remembers to backup his main HDD to his second HDD. cpu use 2%, 20mb/sec average (x2).
krayola1remembers to backup his main HDD to his second HDD. cpu use 2%, 20mb/sec average (x2).
leethalit's pretty common to do that, like use textmate to develop textmate, but my app is still very very un-finished. And it's still possible to do that. It rocks =D
MilesZSOr imploded.
leethalMilesZS: while reading about associations? Happened to me lots of times
leehleethal: i'm using .each on one of my collections - if there are none, is there an eachelse i can use, or something?
it kinda seems like there should be :|
kmooreif i have a class named TPS with a one to one relationship , can anyone explain why i am getting "Expected ./app/models/tps.rb to define Tps" when trying to do @wss.tps = tps in the controller?
leethalLeeH: if there are none what?
krayola1TPS reports?
leeh@current_user.rentals.each {|rental|
leethalLeeH: if the collection is empty, you mean?
fulgorenTo capistrano or not to capistrano.. I already have my project using svn with a good development environment (tags, branches and a trunk)... deployment isnt too much of a hassle to me i have a shell script that installs everything...... do i bother converting to capistrano or just leave it be
leethalLeeH: tired of the nil.each messages?
leehno ?
MilesZSleethal: While reading about your recursiveness. My brain itself was in an infinite loop. It was like "Introduction to Programming" all over again.
leethalLeeH: why do you need it? Need some context =D
leehfulgoren: that's your call, but probably not going to gain much
arooniif i have a form_for :object
leehleethal.. lemme pastie
leethalMilesZS: totally recognize that feeling =D
aroonihowd o i pass a var not part of that object
fulgorenim leaning towards a no also...
leethalarooni: another object, or just some field?
arooni: you can use fields_for inside a form_for
aroonileethal: i just need to pass a random hidden field
pastiehttp://pastie.caboo.se/42993 by LeeH.
leehjeesus wept :| sup with Pastie
aroonileethal: do i put it outside the <%end%>
but before submit? i dont think itd get included :(
tpopejust use the regular hidden_field or hidden_field_tag helpers
form_for does not create an exclusive scope
leethalarooni: if you want it to be a part of the submit, put it inside the do/end block
or use hidden fields =D
LeeH: lol
LeeH: edit the pastie and pastie it as plaintext

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