#rubyonrails - Sat 24 Feb 2007 between 00:01 and 00:31

zachinglisI had brain melt earlier, was quite tasty. But basically made me spend a 2 hours on this helper function. Teaches me for staying up for a few days
l2sIf you want more than 1 website running ruby on rails, can you still use mongrel?
woozoomultiple mongrels
tpoperun some clusters and load balance with apache
l2si got a fresh ubuntu box up so i wanted to know how
not super fast but 4 processors
ok will try to figure out how
brian_lucid4 processors is just average?
dagbrownMan, my box sucks then, only one processor
woozooI have 80 processors wired to my brain
brian_lucidl2s, your box sounds like a POS
woozooI think cap deploy and it happens
l2sNo its an old dell i got off ebay, not bragging
brian_lucidl2s: I'm serious dude.. Rails needs at least 8 processors to run halfway decent
l2s: your box might be able to run some static pages or something
woozoobrian_hallucinating: stfu
just killing some time until I get my friday night started :)
leethalwoha..! http://chronic.rubyforge.org/
brittanyone use rdebug to step through functional/unit tests?
l2sfor the mongrel stuff you need apache or can you use lighthttpd
hoganbpl2s: You should avoid lighttpd right now... load balancer is kinda broken
l2s: if you don't like apache, you could look into nginx
l2s: nginx is eally cool
zachinglisI'm using Rails Edge and; map.connect '', :controller => "track" won't work
l2sapache is fine, just wanted to know what worked with mongrel
im new to this stuff so im trying to do things the right way
ElricVIIIdoes anyone have an idea about this: http://pastie.caboo.se/42596 ? For some reason my files are getting saved twice
leethalElricVIII: use acts_as_attachment =D
leethalElricVIII: or at least study that code
ElricVIIIman this is a mystery
jimsmithI'm having trouble clearing the relationships of a HABTM through
man these things are tough
leethaljimsmith: habtm through?
woozooElricVIII, just post.build_upload on line 23
leethalthat doesn't exist
jimsmithif I do an object.clear it doesn't delete the relationship in the database

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