#ruby-lang - Sat 5 May 2007 between 00:01 and 00:20

motionajturner: *arr
ajturner: you use the splat again
ajturnermotion - thx
wasn't sure how the splat is handled in ruby (i try to forget my c-days)
motionc doesnt have a splat
ajturnerwell, not splat, pointers ;)
motionor at least, they dont relate at all
ajturnerwhat is 'splat' then?
rane_learning C is hell after ruby
motionit expands the array into an arg list
ajturnersplat is like 'explode'
motionthat has NOTHING to do with pointers
ajturnerah, k
motionsplat more relates to va_list
ajturnerah, when I saw the '*' in method(*args) I thought it was perhaps somehow a reference to a pointer holding maybe a struct with an arbitrary size
kreaturrajturner: don't worry, ruby is safe from pointers. ;)
motionajturner: this is a scripting language, you dont worry about memory pointers/allocations
haxorjoeif you know ruby, how hard will it be to learn ror?
tpopehaxorjoe, the hardest part will be grasping mvc
teferinot hard
tpopeno too bad
teferieven easier if you don't get trapped in scaffolding
happily, scaffolding seems to have become unpopular lately
haxorjoesorry to sound stupid, but what's mvc?
it's a design pattern
haxorjoethanks, I don't know anything yet
hoping to learn ruby over the summer
PupenoTo wrap a C library to be able to use it from Ruby I'll have to wire a Ruby extension in C?
kbrooksPupeno, correct. however, you can do it a different way with rubyinline
motionor swig to create the stubs for ya
oGMo"end" as a keyword is annoying
CrypticusHello All
May I please beg someone for a little help. I getting really frustrated that I can't figure out this one thing. I have a String "<ADDRESS>123 Some Place</ADDRESS>" I simply want to delete both <ADDRESS and </ADDRESS> nothing else. Any ideas?
kreaturrPupeno: also, you *might* be able to do it with DL or DLX
CrypticusI can't simple to make string.delete work to just delete whole expressions

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