#ruby-lang - Wed 2 May 2007 between 01:43 and 01:51

OlatheEwww !
tpope^5 rue
jebus6you get paid to hack rails?
actionOlathe throws a lobster at LoganCapaldo.
Olathethrows a lobster at LoganCapaldo.
actionLoganCapaldo smoothly dodges lobster
LoganCapaldosmoothly dodges lobster
linojwow, my dream is still coming true
jebus6Skiz... for what kind of company?
tpopeit's a cement factory
he writes the code that runs the cement mixers
it's delicate work, mix too long and it's a real mess to clean up
teferisure do
jebus6actually.. writing code to operate huge fricking machines.. that would be awesome frankly
teferi: are you on your own or part of a bigger operation?
teferiI work for a startup
Skizheh. Just some company that does onsite support for clients and network monitoring, network assessments, etc
LoganCapaldothunder, lightining
SkizI'm the R&D guys and the only developer on staff I think.
tpopeyou think?
jebus6never know if some IT guy had a history in Assembly Language before he got tired of it and decided just to be sys admin
tpopeI gave up on coding to become a sysadmin
Skizwell paid to develop. And I've met just about everyone there. They are all *EOs or field technicians.
tpopethen I gave up on sysadmining to become a coder
after discovering users
OlatheIt's a vicious circle.
jebus6that's funny
SkizI'd rather do it all but they have specific people that only know 1 thing, and not very well.
jebus6sounds like a Clerks line for programmers
tpopewell, ruby helped too
jebus6Code would be great if it weren't for the fucking end users
tpopeI was kind of bumbling along in the middle until I found ruby
cdcarterjebus6: so true
tpopesysadmin end users are worse than programmer end users
LoganCapaldosysadmin seems like no fun to me
tpopeor at least, more frequent
Skizthe admin part is great, you need a help desk if you want to get anything done though.
tpopeyeah exactly
jebus6sysadmin can get within punching distance of said end user correct?

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