#ruby-lang - Tue 15 May 2007 between 00:02 and 00:32

contextapeiros_: i hate the gunmetal look
apeiros_well, I just wonder how you got to think of it as *gun* metal
at least my gun looks not even close like that
contextapeiros_: thats what its called .. gun metal
thats what apple calls it, thats what /everyone/ calls it
apeiros_context, um, not really
brushed metal
contextoh same difference
the non-BRUSHED metal looks better still
erikhthat's what context calls it
actionerikh gathered that from this conversation
erikhgathered that from this conversation
actionLoganCapaldo waits for the burshed aqua theme
LoganCapaldowaits for the burshed aqua theme
erikhI got something called 'iridium' a while back that just cleaned the whole thing up
contextburshed ?
erikhLoganCapaldo: isn't that basically the iTunes theme?
LoganCapaldoNo I call the iTunes theme gray plastic
xevoxwhat i need to use to get the result for some factorial about 1960 + ................
anything is better than brushed metal
LoganCapaldoxevox: are you asking how to compute the factorial of 1960?
xevoxmmm i can get that result
but i can't get the result for some number most big
haha >-< sorry my english _:P
more big
LoganCapaldoHow much more big?
xevoxm i don't know mmm
5000 ?
LoganCapaldoxevox: you're not using the recursive definition are you?
binary42A simple trampoline would fix that.
LoganCapaldor = 1; n = 5000; 1.upto(n) { |i| r *= i }; r
works for me
xevoxwait :)
LoganCapaldoBecause 5000 odd stack frames are no fun
binary42http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trampoline_%28computers%29 <- A few ideas of what trampoline could be.
xevoxi'm traying to do a subnetting script ipv6 based
binary42But accumulation is simple enough in a case like factorial that a loop does fine.
xevoxthen i need handle mig numbers
so big

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