#ruby-lang - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:25 and 00:42

_AcroHew apeiros!
You don't master ban lists, do ya'?
apeirosgeez, what an idiot
rane_what's up with that..
apeiroshe loves messing with the topic in #ruby (advertizing for himself e.g.)
I warned him, but he prefers to behave like a child
RyanTMapeiros: Do you think it's possible to change from pastie.caboo.se to attachr.com for pastes in the topic?
RyanTMteferi: you don't like it?
apeirosRyanTM, if there's a compelling reason, sure
teferiwell, caboo.se is kind of a big rails/ruby community thing
tpopeI don't want to have to write attachr.vim
teferior attachr-mode
(well, attachr-minor-mode)
RyanTMthat's a compelling reason against it I suppose
I don't really have a compelling reason for it except it has more features, but that isn't a good reason
the name is shorter.
tpopewhat features?
RyanTMregistered users, lots of languages
tpopeI see more syntax highlighting
What is #ruby? or alternatively what's the difference between it and here?
apeiros#ruby is an inofficial channel
entropieattachr rox, and you dont need to write an attachr.vim tought
theres a gem
RyanTMentropie: any good one liner to explain how the gem works?
tpopethat doesn't really fulfill the need for "paste from my editor"
entropieattachr FILE; or cat file | attachr
tpopealthough at least that means there's an api of some sort
a bit modified to work with my xosd
RyanTMattachr thought your code was PHP
tpopehow does said script know what syntax highlighter to use for said file
RyanTMtpope: it guesses it
entropieRyanTM: yep. it guesses all the time the wrong
tpopeapparently it's not too smart, given that that very paste is highlighted wrong
RyanTMtpope: it just guessed wrong on entropie's
entropie: you gave it a freakin huge hint with the first line of that file.
tpopeexactly, and it still went for php

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