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elliottcablelet me get some terms straight - the 'channel' item is the array of all the items, as hashes, and the 'items' are hashes of { 'title' => 'blah, 'content' => 'moo hoo foo woo doo' } and so on?
fowlducknot sure if it is, supposing it's not if it has extra methods
elliottcablecause that's what I'm trying to get t
fowlduckhaven't looked closely
elliottcableor at least I think it is?
fowlduckyou think it is, are you sure? have they added methods to make your life easier?
are you trying to recreate the wheel?
reinvent even
Olatheelliottcable: I was just kidding.
smtlaissezfairekbrooks: Alright. Well, I'm kind of stupid, so can you explain this to me? The GNU site says that the X11/MIT license is non-copyleft, where "Copyleft is a general method for making a program or other work free, and requiring all modified and extended versions of the program to be free as well."
elliottcableOlathe: lol
OlatheArrays of hashes are usually fine.
smtlaissezfairekbrooks: What does "free" here mean?
elliottcablefowlduck: I just don't know... what do YOU think I need to do from here to just stuff a bunch of 'entries' into a 'something' that I can then sort by date of the entries?
apeiros_boah, $LOADED_FEATURES stinks
it doesn't include $0
kbrookssmtlaissezfaire, free as in speech
Olathesmtlaissezfaire: GNU's definition is something like "if you can use the software, you can modify it for yourself and others."
elliottcablefree as in beer > free as in speech
smtlaissezfaireyeah, not as in beer
elliottcablewhen people start believing that, our nation will go down the tubes
fowlduckelliottcable: let me look a little more into it
Olatheelliottcable: Too late.
elliottcablefowlduck: thanks, you're going in my credits d-:
Olathe: meh
fowlduckelliottcable: lol
elliottcable: heh, i was wrong, items really is just an array
smtlaissezfairekbrooks: and free as in speech, not as in beer, I take it, means that I can think, write, modify, change, etc. the code - that here free means liberty, not price.
elliottcablefowlduck: im confused )-:
fowlduck: I got bogged down... I was doing a good job of coding! whee! but now im confused and not sure what to do next lol
kbrookssmtlaissezfaire, correct. and since free == "liberty", you can sell code ...
smtlaissezfairekbrooks: Well, thats a side effect, and not the main point. You can sell code under both models, can't you?
kbrookssmtlaissezfaire, seems weird, but liberty is freedom
fowlduckelliottcable: http://pastie.caboo.se/61149
elliottcablefowlduck: thanks for the rss specification link btw
it wasn't dry at all, very easy to read and I learned a lot d-:
fowlduckelliottcable: yeah, it's a good one :)
elliottcableand that's what I thought I needed to do, thanks, I just wasn't sure how to do it
fowlduckelliottcable: that pastie needs a .reverse on that array or something, it sorts with oldest first

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