#ruby-lang - Tue 1 May 2007 between 11:55 and 12:22

coutwhen did yarv get merged?
cizra(I mean, if it actually had some good content)
cizraWhat IDEs do you people use for Ruby?
sppti think ill try to do sockets first :)
cizrasppt: "sockets" is quite generic term.
sppt: I believe you need a more specific idea.
spptwell, i'd like to try something with irc ;)
Write a Jabber bot?
cizraYep, it should be easier than IRC, because the protocol is saner.
Don't say you don't know what Jabber is.
sppti don't know what it is...
i heard the name a few times
cizraWell, it's something in the spirit of MSN. An instant messaging protocol
It has some key differences the main one is that it's decentralized and free.
spptfree protocols are good :)
btw cizra: i managed to make a irc bot in php ;)
so it shouldnt be too hard in ruby
cizrasppt: So, what OS are you on? Kubuntu?
It has xmpp4r libraries.
They'll make your life a bit sweeter.
coutwow, eval.c is so short now
spptyeah cizra
apeiros_cout, 1.9?
ScArcher2cizra: those libraries didn't work with our jabber server
cizraScArcher2: I didn't write them..
ScArcher2: By the way, they crashed a friend's server predictably (=
ScArcher2cizra: i didn't figure they did, but i was just giving a warning :)
it didn't crash ours, it just didn't work
cizraDunno. They worked for me..
OlatheBah humbug
teferiso, IronRuby and DLR. Discuss.
arne_bsounds all a bit fishy to me, the whole DLR thing
teferiI want to find out more about it
the silverlight thing bothers me
if I understand it correct, it will be possible to use ruby or others instead of javascript

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