#ruby-lang - Mon 9 Apr 2007 between 00:02 and 00:10

slyphonhey, i'm taking a poll, is water-cooling only for gamerz with l33t ne0n in their case? or has it achieved some level of legitimacy?
jcreighI haven't heard of anybody running water-cooled production servers...so maybe that's somewhat of a hint.
i'm speccing out a new desktop unit for home
and i want a case/cooling combo that runs quiet
cdcarterdont use cooling
teferislyphon: you don't need water cooling, really
cdcarterjust thermal paste and halon
teferislyphon: get a power supply that can throttle fans and a motherboard that supports throttling fans (they all do)
actionslyphon eats thermal paste
slyphoneats thermal paste
actionslyphon nods
teferiand a case that has rubber washers on its drive mounts
that makes a big difference
slyphonyeah, there's this antec case that looks pretty nice
teferialso, the case should use big (slow) fans whenver possible
the Sonata?
I have one
I like it
slyphoni was lookin at the p182
i like the fan configuration
teferiI dig the drive rails in the sonata sooo much
cdcarterget a celeron
teferiNo more fucking screws
teferiThe one thing I don't dig is the lack of a mobo tray
that is a pain
teferiJesus Christ, what the hell is that heatsink?!
slyphona "Scythe Ninja"
rates highest on that site's reviews
teferiYou could kill a man with that much copper
argv[]liquid nitrogen cooling ftw.
slyphonhow about mobos?
linux compat is pretty important, my last one was an nvidia nforce-2 that wreaked havoc on my sanity
rueEw no Intels :P
teferirue: actually, intel's new chips do rock the house
slyphonrue: nah, it was an Athlon-XP
teferiI've been told that they even rock the casbah

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