#ruby-lang - Sun 8 Apr 2007 between 00:15 and 14:53

daveanyone have a pointer how to set up RUBYPATH on fedora? I just installed my first gem but get a load error when I try to require it.
cdcarteranybody remember the amazon coupon code that was like 15% off, they gave it to user groups?
teferiDave: did you require 'rubygems' ?
you need to do that
apeiros: we need to add that to the faq
Xifwe have a FAQ?
teferiwe're working on one
daveoops, that must be it.
teferigem dirs don't automaticaly get added to $:
this is for diverse and sundry good reasons, I'm told
daveHmm, yep it runs now, you'd think this demo program from the author of this particular gem would be runnable as is, but no. Thanks for helping me, mighty ones.
kiba-kunpidgin sucks as a replacement for GAIM
teferiwell, AOL sued
and they do own the name "AIM"
cdcarteraol sued gaim? wow
ruePidgin is a stupid name. Although it does describe the quality of The IM Client Formerly Known As GAIM
teferinow, now
adium is based off libgaim^H^H^H^Hpidgin
and it's a damn fine client
kiba-kunGAIM sucks?
teferier, yes
kiba-kunI used Gaim but I didn't like it
it is yucky
jburdThey could simply have dropped the "A" from GAIM.
Pidgin sounds stupid.
cdcarterthey could rename it GAME
GNU Awesome Messaging Environment
apeirosteferi, true
teferi, feel free to add it
pstickne_Kopete is much better than GAIM
actionimperator looks at mkmf2 again
imperatorlooks at mkmf2 again
apeirossometimes /. tagging is funny... article about the windows logo program, and the tag is: "markofthebeast" :D
teferiGarethAdams: you worry about that in Ruby too
GarethAdams: #equal? vs #eql?
the first is identity, the second is a stricter ==

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