#ruby-lang - Fri 6 Apr 2007 between 12:33 and 12:38

cbowmanMIor is perl clouding my brain again
tefericbowmanMI: the crossover point is well below n=20
johnjackyah thanks.. eruby is fine though ?
LoganCapaldocbowmanMI: depends on the hash function at that point
ehirdthere are no "methods" because Blah.deblah calls Blah.message_handler deblah, not Blah.deblah
teferijohnjacky: don't do that
johnjacky: ruby is not php
I understand
apeirosI'd guess it is even below n=5
kbrooksehird, um, if you remove all methods except #{method_name =~ /^__/}, it will become a proxy
teferijohnjacky: use a proper webapp framework with a dispatcher
apeiros: I think it may be 7-10
Possibly even 17
ehirdkbrooks: Yes, but it's not true messages. >See above< because I just /did/ give an elaboratin
actionkbrooks is unsure if ehird actually elaborated
kbrooksis unsure if ehird actually elaborated
ehirdwell, i did
LoganCapaldoremove all methods. alias message_handler method_missing
apeirosteferi, with 3 symbols hash is already faster
teferiapeiros: hm.
apeirosif you lookup for the 3rd symbol in the array
kbrooksehird, method_missing is the meta-message for a not-found message...
teferiapeiros: nontrivially faster? not lost in the noise?
kbrooksehird, and it IS a method
ehirdkbrooks: >in a message based language every message is a not-found message<.
Something.blah --> something.blah gets called
apeirosteferi, trivially faster
kbrooksanyway, by the words of teferi, ehird, this argument is extremely asinine
ehirdSomething.noexist -> method_missing gets called, errors
true Message based language:
Something.blah -> method_missing gets called, does stuff, by default runs a blah method
teferiehird: you urgently need to take a look at how smalltalk works
ehirdSomething.noexist -> method_missing gets called, tries to do the same, fails, errors
apeirosthat means starting from 6 elements (assuming your lookups are linearly "divided") you're gaining with hash
teferiseeing as it's where messages CAME from
hrntehird: that looks like a program with access to the metaobject protocol
teferiapeiros: so my first guess was right :)
kbrookshrnt, metaobject?
raggiCan someone explain why you would want Transactions for writing PDF files? the format looks simple enough, I can't see why you'd want to backup a large memory space at ANY point?

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