#ruby-lang - Thu 26 Apr 2007 between 21:41 and 21:46

pradaloverManveru? didn't you say you would be interested in contributing to Mephisto development
oGMoi bet i can do something funny here
oGMocizra: oh yeah how's that going?
pradaloveranyone interested
cizraoGMo: I discovered a document that describes what features it should have.
manverupradalover: i totally forgot what mephisto is
cizraoGMo: And it must have threads and must be generally GUI-based.
manverupradalover: so... maybe?
cizraoGMo: So I won't have to learn Javascript after all.
pradaloverI was just wondering
oGMothreads? for tic-tac-toe?
cizraNo, for serving multiple clients. Anyway, I hoped to write my tic-tac-toe using just pushButtons, but those want to be fixed-size.
oGMooh ah
cizraOr, rather, something specifies the minimum size
flowandcrashcan you use do and {} interchangeably?
for block notation
pradaloverMephisto needs a team of intelligent developers
cizraflowandcrash: no, IIRC
oGMowell, presumably you will still have an app server and a gui client?
Ariaflowandcrash: Yes, but the precedence is different.
cizraYes, although I'm thinking about building "host mode" into the client.
flowandcrasharia, inform please
Ariaflowandcrash: foo bar do end -- that binds the block to foo. foo bar { } -- that binds the block to bar
pradaloverto kick wordpresses BUTT....its a blogger
manverupradalover: _what_ is mephisto?
AriaParentheses would make it clear as well.
pradaloverhere let me get you the link
cizramanveru: A guy from Faust
flowandcrashguess i should read my ruby book some more
sounds like valuable shit to learn aria
AriaHehe. Yeah.
manverucizra: i doubt that a dog still needs a team of intelligent developers...
flowandcrashi wish ruby was more strict about parenthetical usages :P
AriaI'm glad it's not.
(if it were, it'd be Javascript ;-))

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