#ruby-lang - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 16:26 and 16:32

apeirosI hope it doesn't crash in a huge explosion...
zenspiderwuzzit for?
apeirosrubygame, collision detection, translation, scaling, rotation
stouse1apeiros: Sorry, back.
apeiroscollision detection of points in rects is roughly 100x faster with the C impl. :)
MalescaHum. How does Ruby guess what my time zone is, in e.g. Time.now? For my purposes, it'd be enough to change that. Some ENV?
zenspiderMalesca: ENV['TZ'] iirc
apeirosonly the bodies btw., all manipulation of graphics is done by SDL
ddfreyneMy Gem has an executable, but it it chmod'ed 644 when I install the gem, meaning it can't be executed& what's going wrong?
Malescazenspider: Thanks again.
apeiros644 is readable/writable
1 is for execute
ddfreyneapeiros: yes, so it's not executable& it should be, though
stouse1zenspider: So, got a question about autotest. Namely, redgreen coloring.
zenspiderMalesca: whatever your localtime function uses. man localtime for more info
apeirosddfreyne, ah, it gives you that, it's not you doing it... ok
stouse1zenspider: I spent some time rewriting the existing module to work with RSpec. I later discovered that I could simply change the spec command to use the coloring natively provided by RSpec.
apeirosddfreyne, probably meant to be run via ruby exec
stouse1zenspider: However, when I was altering the module, I realized that no matter what you change in the results, for coloring, it never actually gets printed back out. The original response is always printed.
ddfreyneapeiros: it'd still need to be chmod'ed +x in any case
zenspiderddfreyne: hoe will take care of that for you
stouse1zenspider: And that drives me nuts, wondering how the Test::Unit redgreen coloring manages to work.
apeirosddfreyne, no
ddfreynezenspider: thanks, I'll check out hoe
stouse1apeiros: Does the C version work now?
apeirosa scriptfile run by ruby doesn't need to have +x
zenspidermakes your rakefile/gemspec much much smaller
alfred___i have a numerical range of integers, [-4, 250]. what's the best way to test if a fixnum is in the range? just greater than and less then? or can i do something fancy like "in -4..250"?
apeirosstouse1, currently rewriting all methods that had rg_ftor as return
ddfreyneapeiros: ah, yes& but I'd like to type "nanoc" and not "ruby nanoc" just like you type "rails" and not "ruby rails" or something
apeirosalfred___, x.between?(-4, 250)
dietbuddhaIs there good documentation on routes somewhere?
alfred___thank you aperios
apeirosalso (bit slower): (-4..250).include?(x)
stouse1apeiros: D'oh, but it does work?
dietbuddhaI tried reading through the code, but it's a little opaque.
zenspideralfred___: have you ever used ri? ri is your friend(tm)
apeirosstouse1, it did with add
stouse1apeiros: Great.
alfred___is ri anything like irb?

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