#ruby-lang - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 04:10 and 04:31

Ralphoshow can i change the connection port at the xmpp4r?
sry for the double -.- i'm using an web irc client -.-
Ralphoshow can i change the connection port at the xmpp4r?
Arsen7Ralphos: I don't know the answer. ;-) (it's for you to know you have been heard) ;-)
Ralphosok -.-
lampuki_http://home.gna.org/xmpp4r/rdoc/classes/Jabber/Connection.html might probably help you
no guarantee thou, i am more than half asleept
see? :P
Ralphosyes thanks lampuki_ :P
it helped :P
it's so easy -.-
lampuki_it was the basic "drag into google search field" action
now to solve the mystery of the unintended underscore
jpsamaraI have the pickaxe book.. but i wanted to learn ruby by doing examples.. coding examples and perhaps expanding the application
any tutorial online/book/ebook you guys like?
all you will ever need and more :)
lampukiindeed, there are some in-depth tutorials if you look a bit closer ;)
jpsamaramanveru: you mean coding by reading the documentation?
manveruplease read a bit of the page
it's not all docs :)
lampukiand what i just said :P
manveruwtf is SEO and SEM?
lampukiglad i could assist
manveruuh, thanks :)
lampukino clue thou
manverui'd have never guessed!
SEO seems to mean Search Engine Optimization

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