#ruby-lang - Sun 15 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 00:08

axyeah, just real nums
gnufiedLoganCapaldo, he he, use rapidshare or something
I was pretty sure there was a share in there
gnufiedMaximum watch limit hit. Try adjusting /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches.
wtf ^^^
syscrashit's hard searching for "%w" on google; is there something similar to it, but for hashes?
LoganCapaldognufied stop monitoring changes in your filesystem or else
gnufiedwhats that? thats the constant, I should increment?
UncleDaria: science scrotum continent
LoganCapaldosyscarash: no
UncleDAria: all words you can spell with those letters
gnufiedLoganCapaldo, or else ?
UncleDAria: i lied on one :)
LoganCapaldootoh: Hash[ *%w[k1 v1 k2 v2] ]
gnufied or else you'll get that error message again? :)
Ariagnufied: No, joking error code.
gnufiedi think i need xattr enabled file system.
Ariagnufied: Increase sys.fs.inotify.max_user_watches to see more.
Why? Shouldn't need that for inotify
gnufiedLoganCapaldo, my terminal is full of those messages :(
its beagle
do what it say
syscrashLoganCapaldo: thanks
LoganCapaldoor kill beagle
echo largenumber > /path/user-watches
maybe cat it first to see what it is now
gnufiedhmm, 8192,
I feel like beagle shouldn't need so many
but I dunno
strikes me as potential bug
gnufiedbeagle is a bit buggy, especially the one that comes with dapper, i think its quite old
i need to upgrade
LoganCapaldoapt-get dist-upgrade
gnufiedyes, it will break all my compiled libs and apps.

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