#ruby-lang - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 00:05 and 01:42

rane_umm, i have something "constant" that i'd like to be constant, but it's and url with a get-variable so should i make the url constant and replace the variable part later or?
seems i'm so tired i'm starting to miss words
AnalphaBestiethat should work
rane_it should yes, but i'm just wondering if that's recommended at all
AnalphaBestiewhy not?
rane_seems kinda awkward to me
actionmanveru shouts out loud
manverushouts out loud
AnalphaBestiemanveru: mojn
manverumoin :)
actionkiba_ is a clueless newbie in the land of rails
kiba_is a clueless newbie in the land of rails
rane_AnalphaBestie: i meant something like this ARCHIVE = "/archive.php?nick=%user%&album_id=all&page="; @http.request_get(ARCHIVE.gsub("%user%", username))
AnalphaBestielooks absolute okay to me
OJCITHi guys, quick question
can I call to_s on a symbol?
AnalphaBestieOJCIT: shure
OJCITlike the symbol itself
OJCITdo I get a string?
AnalphaBestie:asd.to_s # => "asd"
OJCIT: try such things in irb
OJCITI know, but this window was already open :-)
OJCITi haven't had much human contact todayh
OJCITthough irb is not the worst way to spend a saturday night
that's probably my only complaint about the pickaxe book: it seemed to gloss over symbols and why I'd want them
but the article somebody showed me at http://glu.ttono.us/articles/2005/08/19/understanding-ruby-symbols really helps
thanks, and I'm off
nullpuppymy ruby regex-fu is weak.. how does one check to see if a sequence of characters is in a string?
specifically i need to check if ARGV[3] contains ARGV[0]
AnalphaBestie"asdf" =~ /df/ ?
nullpuppyhmm, that might do it
erikhARGV[3] =~ /#{ARGV[0]}/ # ?
AnalphaBestie.include? should do it
LoganCapaldoif ARGV[3][ARGV[0]] # wins the award for the most overuse of []
apparently not working, but i think it's do to other problems..

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