#ruby-lang - Wed 21 Mar 2007 between 22:28 and 22:55

teferiM-n and M-p don't
for history
AnalphaBestiebut you are right
teferiI want something like eshell only not half-assed
psticknedoes anyone know of a tool that will let me keep code in two svn repos at the same time? or easily backup from one the other?
teferipstickne: there's this perl module called VCP that svk uses
pstickneactually, I should ask in #svn... ^^
teferibut it /is/ perl, and crappy perl at that
hagabakais it possible to let rdoc generate multiple doc "sites", one for each .rb file in the current directory?
psticknecrappy perl is indeed uber crappy ^^
hagabakai guess i could write a shell script to do that
raleighi want my script to exit when a socket connection is closed... how do i do that?
hagabakahmm, rdoc seems to put the comment at the top of the file in the first class in the file, as well as the index page. how could i let it only appear in the index page?
oh, never mind
dabaRHi. Rails question. I get this error: http://pastie.caboo.se/48642 from this code: http://pastie.caboo.se/48644. What is wrong?
LoganCapaldoHi, not the rails channel
although that doesn't really look like a rails question...
you gave select_shipping 0 arguments when it wanted 2
dabaRLoganCapaldo: do you have knowledge with rails?
LoganCapaldothis really has little to nothing to do with rails
LoganCapaldojust give select_shipping two arguments
its pretty clear what the problem is
That is the method code.
Which is why I think what you are saying is not the case
LoganCapaldoSo then its either find_customer or confirm_order
those being the only zero argument methods.
dabaRThere is a stack trace, as to where the problem is on the page where the error is shown.
It points to a ActiveRecord method.
LoganCapaldowell this still isn't #rubyonrails
apeirosdabaR, controllers/check_out_controller.rb:23:in `select_shipping'
dabaRupdate, which really takes 2 arguments, and in the ActiveRecord code which I have(for 2 diff rails versions) I in fact see that update is called with no arguments(0 for 2;-)
apeiroscheck which line is line 23
but it looks to me as if rails swallowed at least a method call between line 18 and 17 in your pasted exception
as your pasted select_shipping method doesn't seem to call "save" directly.

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