#ruby-lang - Sun 18 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 00:29

kiba-kunwhat I should save a rake file as?
LoganCapaldousually "Rakefile"
kiba-kunjust simply Rakefile? no extension?
actionVornicus fiddles
that doesn't work, it counts the directory as as new as the newest thing in it.
I build a rakefile for compiling C applications
MEkamiHi everyone
thinfumkdir_p is the method that fails silently if there's already a directory right ?
alteregothinfu, irb
MEkamihow to save a variable into a txt file by code?
VornicusMEkami: file << var
rakefile contain some kind of error
alteregoMEkami, `` File.open( "filename.txt", "w" ) { | file | file << @variable } ``
actionkiba-kun identify the error
kiba-kunidentify the error
MEkamithanks you guys
I'm new in this bus this language it's great
you're supposed to say biz
thinfui'm new in this shortbus too!
kiba-kunam I a veteran if I wrote in the ruby programming language for nearly a year as a newbie?
as a programming newbie?*
alteregoNeah, still a private
shevyrakefile is new to you ;)
kiba-kunin that case, it will take me a long time to get to hacker status
thinfuwe're all newbies in some areas
kiba-kunI shouldn't be afraid to learn things that I am not particularly good at
thinfuand the gurus are the biggest noobs of all
kiba-kunit is the basis of my procrastination
the more you know, the more you know how ignorant you are :P
pythonici know nothing. nothing
alteregoI no a little about a litte.
kiba-kunknowing is not just merely knowingg something, but also knowing that you don't know something

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