#ruby-lang - Sat 17 Mar 2007 between 00:06 and 00:26

nachoshey slapaho
OlatheHeadache bad !
slapahohey what up nachos
PalishSo there's this silly thing in rails.. But basically
I need a way to do: page << "Some string on one line,
then the next line,
then the final line"
does ruby support muliple line strings like that?
LoganCapaldoPalish: that's easy enough to try out doncha think?
but the answer is yes
irb is your friend
PalishLoganCapaldo: what I'm getting at is, doesn't a string need to be on one line?
LoganCapaldoand what I am getting at is you should try it and see
and no it doesn't
slapahoa line carriage is nothing special
nachosslapaho: nm mate
slapahojust more content in a string
LoganCapaldoAnytime you have a question that can be answered by writing a really short ruby program, you should try that first, you'll get quicker answers :)
slapahoand ppl wont hate you
PalishOkay, forgive me, I'm still in the C++ mindset.
OlatheAnd the lobsters won't get all clickety.
LoganCapaldoAlso, if I say yes to a does rby support blah
ruby really does support blah
I'm not out to get you :)
(I might make a mistake though)
cdcarterwill block_given? check for the presence of a block even if its been &ed?
nachosPalish: you might want 'here' documents.
slyphoncdcarter: i don't _think_ so
Olathecdcarter: Not sure, but ed.nil? is probably clearer.
slyphoncdcarter: but it's easy enough to try and find out
LoganCapaldocdcarter: You missed my lecture on getting answers to questions by asking ruby
It was just before you entered :)
cdcarterI am assuming it doesn't because my tests are failing
nachosPalish: http://www.ruby-doc.org/docs/ProgrammingRuby/html/language.html#UD
cdcarterLoganCapaldo: ahh, but you guys are so much smarter
Palishthank you :)
slapahohere's the thing.. when you ask ruby about ruby, you get the most accurate answers
cant tell you how many times i've been told wrong info
cause i too am lazy n just ask Qs

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