#ruby-lang - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 02:10 and 03:25

KickboyHi, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with my Ruby install. I'm running Ubuntu 6.10, and ruby 1.8.4 (mod_ruby 1.2.6). I got eruby working fine (.rhtml files load properly), however when I try to load a .rbx file I get a "403 Forbidden" error. I have been unable to determine the cause. Anybody have some ideas? Your help is appreciated.
saint_cypher_Kickboy, two things: make sure your rhtml and rbx files have the same permissions. Make sure your apache config knows about rbx files, their mime-type and isn't blocking them for some reason ( like they would .inc files for example )
KickboyI know permissions are correct, however I didn't check the mime-type's. I'll look into that now.
Your right, I don't have a 'AddType' definition for rbx files. That could be the issue. Would you happen to know the correct mime type for rbx files?
saint_cypher_not off the top of my head
KickboyI found 'application/x-ruby' through a google search. Gonna give that a shot
Still a no go.
pstickne.rbx? some erubyish-thing?
bkudrialooking for more ruby blogs to read - i've got on ruby, ruby inside, rubygarden, redhanded, o'reilly, 24/7, and code&style . what else should i read? more tangential things, like raganwald, are good too
bobwhoopseigenclass ?
bkudrianot heard of that one
thanks, not sure how i missed that one
bobwhoopsoh yeah, zen and the art of ruby programming
all i want to do all day long is study ruby, rails, OO, and everything related to web apps
bkudriathanks for those
slapaho: i wish...i need to cut down on rss, it eats time
slapaho: but i am a full time student with a part time job
bkudriaadmittidly, a cs student with a web devel job :)
slapahomy job.. is study ruby/rails/OO/everything related :P
bobwhoopshaha, yeah, I should cut back on the number of rss feeds I subscribe to
I remember reading this one blog post about this guy who was addicted to rss feeds and it was just taking up all of his time because he had so many
slapahoyea n what he do? grind till hittin 60?
bobwhoopsRight now I think I get 100 or so new posts per day, but I only read like 10 of those usually
slapahothere is way too much info out there
bkudriaslapaho: what is your job?
slapahobuilding a web app for a startup in ruby/rails
bkudriamy feedreader currently says 1262 unread, but i've had it up at 5k before
but a lot of these i just skim
slapaho: hmm, which startup?
bobwhoopsIf I ever get behind to much (like 300+ maybe) I just mark everything as read
nullieis possible to pass caller's scope to a block?
slapahonot sure if i should say. ppl usually dont like me on irc for some reason n i wouldnt want it to reflect on them
sorry, not tryin to dodge

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