#ruby-lang - Tue 13 Mar 2007 between 00:43 and 00:55

TooBe1ask1the error I'm getting when trying to run this is ...
C:\InstantRails\rails_apps\rescue/app/models/test.rb:1:in `require': no such file to load -- ym4r\google_maps\geocoding (LoadError)
I tried running this from the command line as well
same result
do I really need to actually put the ruby gems stuff on my "path"? Shouldn't that already be covered by the ruby interpreter itself?
eluxin an AR model i override a method: def title=(x) attributes['title'] = x attributes['name'] = x.downcase.sub(' ', '_') end .. no errors, but neither attribute is updated.. any ideas?
technomancyTooBe1ask1: you might have better luck with your question in the rails channel
TooBe1ask1yeah ... well ... :) no one is there either
technomancysomeone should teach corundum to recognize such questions and give an appropriate response
shevythere should be more than here
technomancycorundum: #rubyonrails?
corundumno clue
shevysilly corundum
technomancycorundum: #rubyonrails is your question might be better answered in a channel like #rubyonrails that is all about rails
TooBe1ask1I think this is not a rails thing though ... it is just making use of a gem ... the file I created is just a .rb file ... I even tried running just that file from the command-line "ruby test.rb"
so I don't think this has anything to do with rails per se
technomancyTooBe1ask1: maybe so... but i don't think there are many people in here with knowledge of that gem or rails on windows
not saying you should shut up, just saying that might be why you're not getting answers
have you used other gems yourself? If so, did you have to add anything to some sort of path variable to let the ruby interpreter be able to "see" them?
technomancyyou usually have to require rubygems first
technomancyrails usually does that for you
but it varies based on setup
TooBe1ask1that was it!!!!!
"require rubygems" as the first line fixed it
technomancyweird... so i guess instant rails doesn't use gems... wouldn't have thought that would fix it.
TooBe1ask1well ... it probably does
teferislapaho: of course I do
it's not an either-or situation
TooBe1ask1I was just trying to run this as a standalone rb file for now ... just to see what I could do with it
thanks again folks!
slapahoteferi, you're just saying if you want an action/method var to not be available to views, you just use a local var instead of an ivar, correct?
teferiyou're totally thinking about it the wrong way
if you're writing Rails controllers, you generally use ivars JUST for stuff you want in the view

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