#ruby-lang - Mon 12 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 02:57

TheOutlanderI did .. .I kindda hated it :(
alteregoIt's like marmite, you either love it or hate it :) I found it very refreshing.
TheOutlanderit is like those head first series ... although i loved head first design patterns
the site feels like too much overhead when I am just lookin for something
but its a great job by the author
alteregoTheOutlander, a quick ref: http://www.zenspider.com/Languages/Ruby/QuickRef.html
TheOutlanderi'll give it another try since u have mentioned it ...
bignose_TheOutlander: make a problem to solve it and just do it in tiny steps, and you'll fiure out ruby. i did it about 2 hours ago.
sorry, i mis red the convo.
AriaAnyway, TheOutlander, http://nbtsc.org/~aredridel/projects/ruby/camping-at-the-mailbox/campingatmailbox.rb is some code that implements a webmail system and uses IMAP somewhat judiciously.
TheOutlanderi have been browsing ur site ...
TheOutlanderI need help with adding a custom header to a mail message
I see it the header in my TMail object, but when I send it, it is not available at the receiving end
btgis there a builtin way of doing Dir.each / glob recursively?
I was expecting like Dir.each(true) {... or something
alfeldbtg: Dir.glob('**').each
nullieis there something like sscanf?
btgah! Thanks, I knew it must be there, just read over the entry too quickly
alteregonullie, there is String#scanf
alfeld"foo".respond_to?(:scanf) # => false
nullierequire 'scanf'
TheOutlanderI see it the header in my TMail object, but when I send it, it is not available at the receiving end
I cannot get custom headers to show up in the email
does anyone know what is the right way to add a custom header??? I see it in the TMail object ...but not in the receiving end
darixnullie: stringscan?
Luckys'lo all
ReinHLuckys: we're all hiding
OlatheReinH: Shh !! Sekrit
xevoxcan i compile my ruby+glade code ? o.0, exist some ruby compiler? can ruby be compiled?

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