#ruby-lang - Thu 1 Mar 2007 between 09:57 and 10:33

I deleted it
VeejayI'll be back in a few minutes
apeirosmultiple undo :-p
dang, hungry... no idea what to cook :-S
I should write a recipe-book with a "playlist" :)
BoungaHi !
VeejayDo I need to require something to use assertions.
I did something like that on a and b
assert_equal(a.length, b.length)
rescue => e
puts e
noodlthanks for the help apeiros. end result (it's a very simple script, but fun anyway): http://pastie.caboo.se/43913
apeirosVeejay, pastie.caboo.se
everything >2 lines
noodlVeejay: yeah, assert is in Test::Unit::TestCase i think
apeirosand Veejay, please, again, read the error that is printed
what does it print?
actionchris2 builds a minimal rspec... currently 610 bytes
chris2builds a minimal rspec... currently 610 bytes
olleolleolleHi, I have a YAML problem with Ruby. The exifr gem, its YAML-serialized structures, they can't be deserialized correctly.
They fail, and yaml (in std lib) cries "/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/yaml.rb:133:in `transfer': invalid subclass (TypeError)"
One of the lines is serialized like "exif: !map:EXIFR::EXIF " -- and I am trying to wrap my head around the !map word.
drfreezeAnyone know of a way to get a PDF (with active links) from a web page?
inz-the "save a copy" button?
olleolleolleYaml: there was a C patch for the library (by Hirokazu-san).
...which at least would silence the segfaults.
JeanNiBeeAnyone here got the URL for Fizz/Buff ?
drfreezeinz-: don't get pdf as an option
chris2corundum: search fizzbuzz
corundumfizzbuzz: http://ostermiller.org/calc/fizzbuzz.html
JeanNiBeeCool thanks.
gnufiedhey folks
apeirosfizzbuzz... isn't that the thing we golfed once in here?

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