#ruby-lang - Mon 26 Feb 2007 between 01:49 and 01:53

actionLoganCapaldo is an optimist
LoganCapaldois an optimist
blinkteferi: you going to be in here around 7pm EST?
teferiblink: why?
pythonicblink is mad, bad or god.
teferiblink: cause the answer, as far as tomorrow is concerned, is no
I'm seeing an apartment
blinkcalc test tomorrow!
actionmatadon prints his Real Analysis homework... and silently thanks Knuth for LaTeX.
matadonprints his Real Analysis homework... and silently thanks Knuth for LaTeX.
blinkah, kk.
matadonblink: Good luck; let me know if you've got any questions.
teferimatadon: praise knuth!
blink: i'll be around until ~6:15 if you want help cramming
blinkhopefully it'll be the last one you'll need to tour
LoganCapaldoYou should thank Knuth for TeX
teferiblink: unlikely
pythonicand lamport for latex
teferii've got a bad feeling about this guy, but i'm going anyway
actioncrazy_pete loves latex almost as much as he loves ruby, maybe more
crazy_peteloves latex almost as much as he loves ruby, maybe more
teferihe mentioned that he feels strongly about people cooking meat in the apartment
we will never, ever, ever agree on that point
since I <3 meat
LoganCapaldowhat pythonic said
blinkii've got vector and vectors space down pretty well, i might need to brush up on intergrals. but space curves i'm still tryinig to grok.
actionteferi squeals like a schoolgirl
teferisqueals like a schoolgirl
OlatheLatex-covered rubies !
blinkmatadon: heh, if i come back later tonight with questiion i'll sssend 'em your way.
teferiHoly balls, it's already in NJ
crazy_peteSometimes it is fun to tell new age enthusiasts "Well i am a vegan because Hitler was too" ;-)
teferiLooks like newegg's gone transcontinental
matadonteferi: Meat... good!
LoganCapaldoteferi, erm, everything I order from newegg has come from NJ
matadoncrazy_pete: I find it more amusing to eat big, juicy burgers at PETA rallies.
blinkteferi: wtf, vegan, veggie, or jewish?
LoganCapaldohave you just not been paying attn. before? :)
teferiblink: he's a veggie
crazy_peteOr show up at a PETA rally with a T Shirt that says "PETA People Eating Tasty Animals" ;-)
teferiLoganCapaldo: most of the things I get have come from CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA

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