#ruby-lang - Fri 23 Feb 2007 between 06:29 and 06:37

mksmh = Hash.new([]); h[:foo] << 'bar' # Shouldn't this work?
scooprhas it gained mindshare in rails community? =)
chris2scoopr: we can run simple rails apps already
thanks to Qerub
but the problem really is rails, and how it thinks it owns ruby :P
scooprheh =)
manveruthere was just the same discussion on the nitro ML
chris2manveru: just try to run two rails apps in the same process. great.
i'm not sure if ramaze doesnt suffer that too, btw :-P
manveruhow nitro uses facets and rails owns the world...
chris2facets are the same shit
manveruall collide
i'll remove most of my snippets once the code settles down as well
or at least namespace it
chris2manveru: i more mean Request.current
chris2or does ramaze ensure it owns the thread?
manveruit doesn't start anything else in there
and it's seperate from Thread.main
dunno how to make it 'owned' :)
mongrel and webrick start a new thread, so that's safe
fcgi, i dont know
if it blocks, it's safe too
manveruwell, i start all of them in a new thread
chris2oh, fine then
manverumongrel does it by default
chris2cause AR::Base does some stupid things
i actually never tried to run AR alongside ramaze
only Og, which works fine
how does sqlite3 deal with multiple writers, btw?
manveruafaik it queues them
chris2so that works?
with multiple processes?

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