#ruby-lang - Sun 18 Feb 2007 between 07:53 and 08:00

christopherlI know this is off topic, but somebody knows where to download pcgames(like steam)?
MetaxyI know someone who's got a tricked out AMD rig running Linux like you, but he's got some barebones wm and actually runs Firefox and the like
manveruMetaxy: so do i
MetaxyOK, good
That's a lot more sane ;)
MetaxyThen I'm no longer curious what type of person you could possibly be, since that's fairly normal for hardcore Linux guys
shevyi run firefox too!
Metaxymanveru: What projects do you work on, out of curiosity?
currently i'm working on ramaze privately
it's a simple webframework
otherwise tons of little hacks and libs
MetaxyWow, you actually have a nice-looking website.
Interesting for someone who can look at abrasive ANSI colors on black all day ;)
i used to be a designer
and hardcore-gamer
and crazy about PHP
manveruit all changed with ruby...
MetaxyYeah, hope so ;)
manverui discovered real programming :)
so i got a job in japan
hagabakais ruby very popular in japan?
it's not used yet in most big corps
MetaxyIt's the most popular scripting language there, right?
manverubut it's well known
Metaxy...Maybe not.
manveruit's about same with perl
MetaxyWhere, physically, are you right now? (If you have any privacy concerns, I'll take that down to the nearest continent ;))
good luck finding me :)
Was the Japan thing a product of your skill in the language, or were you primarily interested in that kind of move on its own merits?
hagabakado those list pages come by default with thttpd?

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