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ltbarclyin pure mathematics what you have defined is all that exists in the universe
marienzrunixd: the del operator does not delete objects. It deletes references to objects, but you cannot guarantee you got all references, and python does not guarantee the object goes away immediatelly after you deleted the last reference (although this does happen in cpython)
Brendltbarcly, but you can define anything you like ;)
ltbarclyBrend: nope
VornicusI mean, sure, you can say infinitesimals don't exist, but then open intervals don't exist, and then you lose a lot of stuff.
Brendltbarcly, hee hee
ltbarclyVornicus: open intervals do not require infinitesimals
AStormltbarcly, I'll explain a Gdel number for you:
BrendI'm reminded of a Perlis epigram - "When you hear someone insisting that X is computer science but Y is not, have compassion for his graduate students"
ltbarclyVornicus: the definition of 'open' is that it is equal the union of it's open subsets
AStormthat was the long version
and go away, will you
ltbarclyVornicus: so a space made of discrete single points is all open sets
Vornicus: or to be specific every subset is open (also closed)
AStormltbarcly, or contiguous wave functions
Pick what you wish
jsoftwAnd in conclusion, funky bass lines for the win.
BrendOkay this is a ridiculous conversation on various levels, and wildly off-topic. Take it to #math please, or maybe #dogma
jsoftwWho gives a shit so long as it makes the booty dancy
AStorm#math will laugh ltbarcly off :>
ltbarclyAStorm: that doesn't have anything to do with the reals
AStorm#dogma is more appriopriate
jsoftwboow bow bow doo do doo bow bo dun dun d d d d d dunnnnnn bow bow dun doo do do do do do
Brendltbarcly, seriously.
AStormltbarcly, explain pi in real numbers
I'm listening
BrendAStorm, seriously.
Not here.
ltbarclyAStorm: I would assume that any group of amateurs would laugh when corrected, since they think they are geniuses
pi is a real number? what is your point
actionBrend sighs
Please take this conversation elsewhere.
AStormI'm shutting up here, yep. :-)
jsoftwdo do do be be be bow bow bow grbb b b b b b
AStorm#dogma it is
actionjsoftw prods Brend
jsoftwprods Brend
Brendjsoftw, hmm?
actionjsoftw shrugs
Jacob-Writing unit tests is easy, but tiresome. I keep reminding myself I'm doing a good thing.

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