#python - Sat 12 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:06

^TuX^hi all
ivazquez00120034 versus 1234.
^TuX^wxPython is in system.base or devel.base?
ivazquez^TuX^: That's a question for your distro's channel.
glen_quagmireis there a way to print n characters?
like, n spaces
^TuX^ivazquez: hmm ok thx.
ivazquez' '*n
ivazquez: nice thanks
JohnQis there a way to convert a string into a type? ie., convert str(type(7)) back into int?
DrMaxhmmm print "\u5136\u3051\u732b".encode("utf-8") prints \u5136\u3051\u732b instead of showing Q+
ivazquezHrm. Looks like it's not encoding it for some reason...
DrMaxah found.
print u"\u5136\u3051\u732b".encode("utf-8") prints Q+
haysooh, chinese
DrMaxjapanese ;)
ivazquezMy bad.
hayssorry, japanese
ivazquezThe first glyph shows different on my system for some reason.
jerbearivazquez: how would __file__ be used for this situation? it seems to only print the file path
JohnQor how about a way to comvert 'int' into the TYPE int?
haysKonsole doesn't jive with chinese
DrMaxand, no, I'm not japanese. Just experimenting with utf-8 python
ivazquezAnd then you massage it...
It shows 6 for the first glyph on my system.
DrMaxdepends on the font, mainly
hayswell xchat seems to be ok with it
aFlagyeah, on gnome-console the first letter of that word looks funny
even with the u in front of it
DrMaxgnome-console ?
gnome-terminal ?
aFlagit looks fine on xchat though
yeah, gnome-terminal
my bad
haysah, I have arial as my default font, that would be why
aFlagmight be a font thing though
DrMaxah, that's my bad:

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