#python - Tue 1 May 2007 between 20:22 and 20:29

SpCombthe syntax of the IRC protocol is trivial, but the semantics of the commands aren't
kbrooksnzk, im here :-)
After I workout and do my HW, I'll get back to coding in an hour or 2
MC_Breitgute nacht
sgtmattbakerpolpak: some of the wording.. like for a argument (I think) it used a name and then was like we call everyone "so and so" here. Like function(bill)
and then it would have something else below
matiuI'm trying to be clever and go: locals().update(mydict)
but it's kinda half working
Any idea what could be wrong?
niltonmatiu: it doesn't work
except when locals() is globals()
matiuin pdb, the new stuff is available, but not to the code :(
so the only way is globals().update
that's a bit too yucky for me..
sipheranyone know if a wxListCtrl has to be inside a panel for selected items to have the proper bgcolor? I have it in just a frame and it's darker than the demo
Zalamanderneither is a particularly good idea
polpakmatiu: it is yucky
niltonmatiu: depends on what is your final purpose...
werneckmatiu: what's exactly do you want ?
matiuI'm validating the input of a form, that's coming in in a dictionary
niltonso why do you need to do this?
matiuI guess I could make a method which takes those params, and pass the dict with a ** eh..
sgtmattbakerI am starting to learn python, what should I use as a resource? I got about 50 pages into "Think Like a CS" and it began to get confusing. I have heard dive into python is good.. although I can't find it in Ubuntu (it is loaded by default)
Zalamandersgtmattbaker I recommend the paper book "Learning Python"
kbrooksmatiu, sure.
ZalamanderDive Into Python is OK, but relatively fast paced
matiuso instead of saying x = self.request.get('senderName', ''), I can just go x
kbrooksmatiu, yeah ...
Zalamandersgtmattbaker Dive Into Python is available online too
Dariensgtmattbaker: I found the Python Pocket Reference (O'Reilly) is pretty keen
get that and a pack of mini post-it notes and you're golden
niltonmatiu: you could do it this way: form.senderName
polpaksgtmattbaker: /usr/share/doc/diveintopython
sipherI need to find my copy of Learning Python so I can give it to someone asking about books
sgtmattbakerZalamander: I would rather use a free resource.. the reason I didn't do C++ is because there weren't that many good free resources
matiunilton, that doesn't work :(
polpaksgtmattbaker: dpkg -L diveintopython shows you all the files installed by the package diveintopython
Zalamandersgtmattbaker well, the free ones aren't necessarily the best ones, but I hope you find one you like :-)
polpaksgtmattbaker: it's available freely online

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