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CarlosEDPChairos... its not what i need...
I just need a way to make my class has all file() methods... except 2...
reportingsjrhow come I keep getting this error: AttributeError: 'tuple' object has not attribute scheme when I give it all of the right params
deltabreportingsjr: one of your variables isn't what you think it is?
reportingsjrhmm, but it prints out correctly
TFKylereportingsjr: what are you doing?
reportingsjrurl = urljoin(next_url,soup('a')[j]['href'])
scheme = urlparse(url)
I dont see anything wrong with it
deltabwhat is the secon dline meant to do?
reportingsjrget the http part
TFKylehrm, where's that exception from btw? sounds like a typo to me
reportingsjrits splits the url into scheme (http, https, etc..) and it also has the port of the site
if scheme.scheme == "http":
its from that line
TFKyleer, weird
reportingsjrI got lazy on writing the variable names
deltabyou're calling a tuple of the pieces of the url 'scheme'
TFKylereportingsjr: did you copy and paste that or just type it in? (should be "has no attribute scheme" I think
reportingsjrthats what urlparse() does
typed it in
TFKyle(and quotes around 'scheme' as well)
reportingsjrAttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'scheme'
deltabreportingsjr: you should either unpack the result to multiple variables (called scheme, etc.) or give the tuple a better name
TFKylereportingsjr: "Changed in version 2.5: Added attributes to return value." so if you're using < 2.5 you can't use .scheme and stuff on it I imagine
TFKylegood catch though
reportingsjrthats what I'm using
how can I upgrade?
I mean I have 2.5 on my machine
just I guess I overwrote it
deltabrun python2.5
TFKyledepends on what OS you're running
reportingsjrdeltab: where do I type that?
tfkyle: windows xp

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