#python - Tue 24 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

arkanesfor certain limited uses, you might want to just do that for your plugins
it depends on how extensible you want to be
jsoftwebovine: http://deadbeefbabe.org/paste/4502
Ooooh the C wrapper plugin loader for python plugin module wrappers.
larslBasically I want to run a function in the plugin with a particular name and extract a C object from the return value.
actionjsoftw has no idea how to do that.
jsoftwhas no idea how to do that.
I recently figured out how to call quotactl() from python though :)
Which is super.
larslThe object is going to be a PyGTK widget.
jsoftwebovine: any ideas ?
arkanessee, now you're getting into even more complicated territory
ebovineNot yet, I've never used Popen.
Give me a minute, though.
arkanesbecause now you need to marshal between pygtk and the C gtk stuff
do you have a really, really, really good reason for not driving things from python instead?
jsoftwAnd we cant have that sort of carry on now can we.
larslarkanes: Yes, the plugin interface is in C.
arkanesthats not a good reason
at least not as you say it
are you trying to write a plugin for a third party application, that then exposes python?
larslI think it's a pretty good reason... I don't want to have to rewrite in Python every existing and future host that implements the C plugin API .
arkanesyou aren't being clear about what you're doing, then
you're trying to expose Python as a C plugin?
arkanesokay then
and the host application is a gtk application?
arkanesyou're going to have to learn something about pygtk internals
good luck, last I checked pygtk didn't have any way to expose external gtk windows
ebovinejsoftw: Hmmm, my ideas are exhausted. Sorry man.
arkanesto the pygtk api, that is
snoopsHi, I'm looking at getting a python book.. Programming Python 3rd ed by Mark Lutz looks pretty comprehensive.. Do any of you guys have it? If so, what do you think of it?
ebovineI did see some links that talked about StringIO not being capable of cross-process marshalling.
jsoftwI might just get a perl script to do this.
Its a lot lot easier.
arkanesembedding perl is really hard
ebovineDrop the sub-processes and just make it work for now.
jsoftwWho said anything about embedding ?
arkanesif you're going to just shell it out, you can do that with python too

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