#python - Sun 22 Apr 2007 between 08:14 and 08:21

Leedshigh heels, suspenders and a bra
g0tchi: please, feel free to discuss python - just don't break the rules
putzthat's not a lumberjack
g0tchiok , soz.
kandinskiputz, yes it is
they dress in women's clothing, and hang around in bars!
putzare you using jargon to confuse my parser?
g0tchiSomebody can tell me the name of IDE to programm forms (with objects) in python? (Sorry my english)
putzbecause it's working
Leedsputz: do you know what python is?
putzI'm looking at python right now in my text editor
six files of it
1000 some total lines
so.. yeah
g0tchi: |
Leedsg0tchi: qt, at least, has its own form designer... it's possible that komodo could help you... but in general, people around here aren't great fans of form-design IDEs
putz: now, do you know why python is called python?
g0tchihmm ok
putzLeeds, because of Terry Gilliam and John Cleese and those other guys
dead parrots and spam and eggs
g0tchibut i dont know the code form , the problemm is that. Can u tell me a tutorial?
Leedsputz: and are you aware of a sketch performed by said English gentlemen (and a Yank) covering the subject of lumberjacks?
putzhave not seen that one
Leedsg0tchi: sure - http://docs.python.org/tut/tut.html
kandinskiwho dress in women's clothing, and hang around in bars?
putzand Terry Gilliam is the yank you speak of
Netfeedhow should i do if i want to take the text between something say(<meh>text</meh>) and save it? (text that is)
in a string
putzhey, Monty Python is on right now!
putzand now for something completely different!
Leedshmm... I do Terry Jones a mis-service... he is actually Welsh
spikehi, is there anybody using vim + the pythocomplete plugin?
LeedsNetfeed: how well-defined is your format?
donnexHello, I don't know much python at all but I managed to get a small python script working, http://bin.bamze.net/413, it checks http response code from my lighttpd server on freebsd and if it replies with 500 it restarts the server. Everything is working but for some reason the output from the rc-script is outputed before my prints, any idea why and how to fix that?

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