#python - Wed 18 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 00:12

actionCSWookie calls for the eternal blessings of heaven upon SVN and those brought forth its glory into the world.
CSWookiecalls for the eternal blessings of heaven upon SVN and those brought forth its glory into the world.
haysyes-- I started using SVN recently and it is really awesome
Red_Herring|zzzzit is
i just started using it with sourceforge
its really really handy
blankyhaha you guys are kinda late to the party :P
haysyeah, I know
but never needed it before now
now that I needed it enough to figure out how it works, I find its really awesome.
(even for things I might not --need-- it for.
josepharmbrusteri can't imagine life without svn
josepharmbrusterwe use to use vss back where i worked.. but i pushed like HELL for svn.
haysOur software people are idiots and still downselecting a source control system.
josepharmbrusteri'm always annoyed when i have to use cvs...
haysI feel like slapping them.
putzwho isn't annoyed at having to use CVS?
josepharmbrusterit's never made sense to my why some projects don't step up
haysWell, these retards will probably decide to use something that costs money
putzlike bitkeeper or something?
haysthey've got a few options on the list, I think vss is one of them
haysYeah, they are overengineering the problem
josepharmbrusterbut, what burns me.... is when any source tree becomes Polluted
These jargoney terms you use.
haysCSWookie: downselecting is taking a list of choices and eliminating some of them because they don't meet requirements.
Its an engineering process usually for more complicated problems that picking a freaking source control system
josepharmbrusterlike, say... with tons of libs or other such naughty things... that maybe shouldn't be there to begin with
CSWookiehays: It sounds to me like the way one makes a decision.
haysCSWookie: sure, but downselection usually implied some amount of protracted study and coordination among many people to make a decision.
CSWookiehays: Shall I have a sandwich, or pizza? (list) I shall have pizza, because the sandwich is not hot.
josepharmbruster: Heh.
I wish our source were more splitty.
josepharmbrusterso, in other news.. i'm working on a DICOM parser for a buddy of mine.
deltabhays: like shortlisting?
josepharmbrusterlooks like the community could use one, so i'm hackin away... he's going to use it for his masters thesis research...
haysthese guys have a bunch of old pascal, C, PL/M, ... VLSI,... C++, various ASM.. source files... and some of it only works on very old equipment... but anyways they want a way to put it in a safe place with version control, etc.

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