#python - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:59

ericmoritz\0ok, everything is maxed out with long running requests
thebananaericmoritz\0: are you using SCGIServerTimeout?
ericmoritz\0yeah but that only applies to trying to make the connection to the scgi server
besides, even when httpd severs the socket with SCGI, flup still allows the child to continue to execute
thebananayes but does it reconnect to mod_scgi?
thebananarather, what does it do after the view finishes and it no longer has a connection to apache?
ericmoritz\0ok, all the request show be timing out now, let's see if flup starts reaping children
yep, so far so good, the number of children is decreasing
back to normal
still seems like a problem with a view
HowDoIfinaly antena came in
im so happy yay
now i can further my progress in learning python
vaclavHey, can any Mac users help me use py2app?
evolvlngvaclav there's #macpython
vaclavOkay, thanks.
at0mikuHow would I make my python script restart itself?
arubin-restart itself?
Exit the script, then run itself
I was thinking something like os.run("python /dir/to/script/script.py") or something
arubin-I believe that is typically accomplished by a secondary script that just runs the real script and restarts it when necessary
secondary script or program
Perhaps I could have a script called delayrun.py
and the main script calls delayrun.py, then exits itself
delayrun would wait a second then run the mainscript then kill itself... sounds good to me
How do I get the directory the script is currently running from?
at0mikuarubin-: thanks :)
brb in a few minutes, trying this out.
arubin-, is there a way to get the directory and the name of the python script?
at0mikuThanks :)
what would a linux equivalent of this code be?

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