#python - Wed 11 Apr 2007 between 03:45 and 03:54

xsu|c|desn0wmanxlol i just liked it cause of the crazy character cereal killer
bytecolorgonna have to rent that one again, been a while
KirkMcDonaldI eat cereal for breakfast!
CSWookiexsu|c|desn0wmanx: cereal killer was the bomb in SLC Punk.
xsu|c|desn0wmanxthats like the only movie he's been in that i havent seen
CSWookieThat mobvie is awesome.
chasbruckMatthew Lillard
he's doing broadway now aint he?
chasbruckhe was in Wing Commander I think
wing commander
chasbruckand 13 Ghosts
xsu|c|desn0wmanxand scream
MugginsMscooby doo
CSWookie13 Ghosts...
What is that, that seems familar.
xsu|c|desn0wmanxand some baseball romance movie
chasbruckI might have the number wrong, 11 Ghosts?
xsu|c|desn0wmanxthe remake of the guy who hunted ghosts and trapped them in the house
and to get the money out they unlocked the doors and all these ghosts ran around the house killing everyone
and the house changed into a giant maze
chasbruckit's kind of a stock horror/suspense flick, hot girls and other interesting characters trapped in a really cool mansion that's house to a bunch of evil spirits
xsu|c|desn0wmanxyeah it was a remake of a old film
he died like halfway through
actionVornotron tries to figure out how to hand ctypes a string and say "convert this to a structure"
Vornotrontries to figure out how to hand ctypes a string and say "convert this to a structure"
CSWookieI will go to bed, and leave you alone with your misery, Vornotron.
VornotronCSWookie: You are wiser than I.
bytecolorVornotron, would the struct module help any at all?
Vornotronbytecolor: in my case, not really - I need to get 3-8 bit wide chunks.
...but now that I look at the task before me, I don't believe ctypes is my best bet anyway - I need to at least partially interpret the instruction before I can determine what the correct structure is.
bytecolorpython has masking ops, not unlike C
Vornotronand with many different instruction formats...

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