#python - Sun 1 Apr 2007 between 03:26 and 03:47

ironfroggyno point in compiling it if you cant test it, hence the suggestion of a buildbot service.
KirkMcDonaldstnsls: MinGW is more than just the Windows port of GCC.
stnslsbuildbot... never heard of that..
ok ok.
KirkMcDonaldstnsls: It provides all of the Windows headers and so forth needed for cross-compilation.
ironfroggybuildbot is a system for completely automating the building, testing, and packaging of projects across any number of platform and hardware combinations.
it is designed even to automatically checkout the latest revision from version control and build it for you, and alert you when your changes break anything in different setups.
unfostnsls: what does your code do? does it really have to be a compiled extension?
t35t0reveryone prepared for perl + python announce joint development jokes?
ironfroggyoh, thats right. tomorrow is the one day a year i read slashdot.
stnslsunfo, it is some calculation engine.. I think windows users are happy if I can distribute win32 binaries..
unfoi wonder what the wikipedia front page will say this year :)
t35t0rtomorrow slashdot turns into the onion
ironfroggystnsls: that doesnt have anything to do with wanting to write an extension.
unfostnsls: you mean you want to use py2exe to make Windows binaries of your python script?
shuvebA C program dumps raw structs on to the wire. what is the most natural method to read the struct and dump it into a python dict/list?
stnslsnomego, I have my extension written.
sry tab
shuvebi mean in a socket program
ironfroggyshuveb: the struct module
stnslsthis extension is already published but no win32 binaries. that's all...
shuvebironfroggy, just the answer i was expecting :)
actionstnsls looking at buildbot..
stnslslooking at buildbot..
shuvebironfroggy, i will try that
unfonanousr: do you know the basics of object-oriented development, e.g. what an object is?
nanousrironfroggy: Do you know what module i need for the bz2.BZ2Decompressor
ironfroggynanousr: bz2
hence the "bz2." part
stnslsbuildbot is not what I need. :>
ironfroggyeverything i mentioned for you is part of the standard library included with python.
stnsls: why not?
nanousrI'm getting a: NameError: name 'bz2dec' is not defined
ironfroggynanousr: that was an example i used as a name you might give to the bz2.BZ2Decompressor object you would create.
notice that i mentioned the instansiation of that class in my messages.
nanousrOk, sorry, but I havn't been working with python too long
wolfeondoes Python have class unloading?
ex. Webware restarts if you use AutoReload(if a page chagnes, restart web server).
is there an type of unload for python 2.5? LIke how Java and Mono/and MS's .NET works?
niltonwhat is the purpose of unloading, wolfeon?
wolfeonnilton: if you change code in a class.. reload class..

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