#python - Fri 9 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:08

Shadow_milsorry everyone about that last message, I didn't know what the /wallchan command does... sorry
triplah_wkosh: check this out
twbShadow_mil: I have it. If you mean `...and give me it', then fuck off.
triplah_w4464 0.096 0.000 0.096 0.000 vector.py:244(length)
Tenjou_UtenaFuck. I sware I'm going to be b& becaose of the El Oh ell..
triplah_w4464 0.370 0.000 0.990 0.000 vector.py:244(length)
twbTenjou_Utena: you're going to bet?
Shadow_miltwb: I want it lol
triplah_wkosh: http://rafb.net/p/9rfSzD94.html
interesting speedup
Tenjou_UtenaSrsly, EoE's gotta be like $15 on DVD now.
That's a nice optimization.
twbOK, how would you define the following function: given two strings, x and y, if x "ends in" y, return x, otherwise return x + y.
KirkMcDonaldif x.endswith(y): return x else: return x + y
triplah_wreturn x if y.endswith(x) else return x+y ?
triplah_wnot sure if you can do that
Leedsah, good old executable pseudocode :-)
triplah_wsince return is an expression
deltabtriplah_w: no
triplah_wok, thought as much
KirkMcDonaldJust put the stuff after return in parentheses, maybe.
Tenjou_Utenaretv = x; if x.endswith(y): retv=x+y; return retv?
KirkMcDonaldOr just drop the second return.
deltabtriplah_w: not the seoncd return
LeedsTenjou_Utena: ugh
KirkMcDonaldAnd, uh, nevermind about the parentheses.
triplah_wer, and return is a statement
not an expression
my bad
LeedsTenjou_Utena: let me guess... someone thinks that a function should only have a single exit point?
triplah_wdown with knuth!
actionTenjou_Utena is teh horrible programmar, I guess. o.o
Tenjou_Utenais teh horrible programmar, I guess. o.o

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