#python - Fri 30 Mar 2007 between 07:48 and 08:17

Wild_CatTaggnostr: even then, chances are BS'll be much easier to use.
it's a standard module?
Wild_Cat(heck, if you *really* want an actual XML parser, ElementTree is what you should be using)
Taggnostr: nope. http://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/
Taggnostrok thanks
Wild_Catit should be part of the standard library IMO. It's brilliant.
fabulouswillywhats that command to show a modules functions? can't remember it...
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MC_Breitcracki crackwitz sal
komsch auch nimmer ins euirc?
lord_robAm I forced to treat exceptions in Python (like in Java) ?
MC_Breitif you don't want your program to exit
lord_robok but I won't get syntax error, that's all I wanted to know
but given my script won't even be compiled, that was a silly question ...
Yhg1slord_rob: Python does compile.
fabulouswilly: use help() or the inspect module, not dir().
doppelgaengerHi Itry to use Paramiko and got use the demo scripts and got the keys authenticating and the transmission instance up however struggling to send a command to the channel using chan = t.open_session()
cmd = chan.exec_command('ls')
print cmd
Any help what's wrong just get a none as cmd printout
lord_robYhg1s: each time I start my script.py (./script.py <args>) it is compiled in memory then executed then ?
Yhg1slord_rob: yes.
lord_roboh didn't know that
Yhg1sdoppelgaenger: that's what a channel's 'exec_command' does.
doppelgaenger: as the docs say, the output goes to your current process's stdout/stderr (and input comes from stdin), if possible.
doppelgaenger: you probably want to use SSHClient.exec_command instead. that returns three channels.
doppelgaengerYhgls would you mind to give me please an example I am a beginner and struggle to find the right approach
insanekaneBrend: got anyone for your $500 website ?
doppelgaengerI exactly struggle with this " as the docs say, the output goes to your current process's stdout/stderr (and input comes from stdin), if possible."
Yhg1sdoppelgaenger: I'm not sure what you're asking for.
doppelgaenger: I can't put it any different than that.
doppelgaenger: have you read the docs?
doppelgaenger: you can't "capture" the output of a remote command if you use Channel.exec_command. If you need to capture the output, don't use Channel.exec_command. Use SSHClient.exec_command.
it's an entirely different exec_command.
doppelgaengerOk Thanks

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